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Let Us Help Solve your Debris Problems

We have years of experience working around dams, reservoirs, irrigation systems and other water related facilities.  We have searched hard for solutions to control weeds and debris at water intakes.  

That is why we partnered with Hydro Component Systems LLC, the most experienced manufacturer of Trash Rakes in the world.  HCS is the only trash rake manufacturer that uses their trash rakes at their own hydro plants.  They truly do …use what they sell, every day. 

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What makes our Trash Rakes the best…?

We have tried them all. HCS owns and operates several hydroelectric plants.  They have used nearly every type of trash rake on the market from hydraulic drive systems to traveling screens to “grabber” type cable systems. Each system has its flaws that resulted in significant labor cost, large repair bills and lost generation.  

The HCS operators and engineers began developing a completely new trash rake system that would perform dependably in even the most extreme conditions. They developed the patented electro-mechanical trash rake system and started offering it to other dam operators.  Today, HCS manufactures the most dependable trash rake available on the market.  

How can the HCS Trash Rake help you…?

HCS builds the only completely electro-mechanical trash rake available on the market today.  The HCS trash rake can be operated manually at your site or remotely through your SCADA system.  

Simple Installation:

The HCS automatic trash rakes can be installed in one day with your own staff.  The trash rake comes fully assembled.  The rails are installed in your existing deck, then the trash rake is attached and powered up.  HCS staff then come out and commission the rake and train staff on O&M.  

Reliable and Safe Operation:

The HCS trash rake is electro-mechanical rather than hydraulic.  This eliminates the O&M hassles associated with hydraulic drive systems.  This also allows the HCS trash rake to perform flawlessly in both extremely hot or cold temperatures.  The HCS trash rakes are also much faster than hydraulic powered models, increasing rake efficiency. 

All HCS trash rakes are tested prior to shipment under full load conditions. This ensures ease of installation and many years of flawless operation.

Simple O&M:

O&M is as simple as periodically changing gear oil and lubricating moving parts.  Other maintenance activities are simple and can be completed by your staff.  

Additional features of the HCS Trash Rake includes:

– Can be operated manually at the site or automatically 
– Electro-Mechanical drive eliminates the hassles of hydraulic systems
– Easily adapted to any water intake system, new or existing
– Quick cycle time
– Positive trash rake head engagement
– No hoses, reservoirs, or exposed cables
– Simple operation
– High load capacity
– Operates in extremely hot or cold environments
– Easy to maintain
– Can operate in winds up to 150 mph

​*Electro-mechanical Trash Rake U.S. Patent Nos. 7,815,811 & 9,539,528

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What Do Our Customers Say About our Trash Rakes?

Mike Pedersen, Kaukauna Utilities
Customer (Kaukauna, Wisconsin)

“HCS worked hand-in-hand with us to customize the trash rack and raker systems we purchased from them to fit our specific needs. With the great success of our plastic HCS trash rack test and HCS’s outstanding customer service, support and responsiveness, Kaukauna Utilities is now buying two more plastic HCS trash racks for the Kaukauna City Plant. We know HCS will always be there to adapt to our needs.”

Contractor (Owensboro, Kentucky)

“We needed to find a more dependable and long-lasting trash rack because the existing steel trash racks at the Alcoa power plant were deteriorating. The HCS trash racks will never rust or corrode or fall prey to marine growth fouling so we don’t have to worry about costly plant shutdowns. We purchased our first HCS trash rack last year and because of its flawless performance, we bought two more.”

Dave Boyter, Symbiotics
Customer (Rigby, Idaho)

“With the many hydro power plants we manage across the United States, it’s comforting to know that the same trash raker we’re relying on in our hydro power plants, HCS is using as well. If that’s not a guarantee, I don’t know what is. We’re currently talking with HCS about how their trash racks and rakers can help at our other hydro power plants across the country.”


Alameda Creek Diversion Dam and Fish Ladder
San Francisco Public Utility Commission
Sunol, CA

Variety of Trash Rake Installations

​Chester Hydroelectric Project – Automatic Trash Rake
​Fall River Electric Co-Op
Ashton, Idaho

Ringold Pump Station Trash Rake
South Columbia Basin Irrigation District
Pasco, Washington 

Esquatzel Pump Station Trash Rake
South Columbia Basin Irrigation District
Pasco, Washington

Dual Automatic Trash Rake System – Florida

San Luis Pump Station Trash Rake
Yuma County Water Users Association
San Luis, Arizona

Articulating Debris Rake System  
Watertown, Wisconsin

Trash Rake with Turntable
Talent Irrigation District  
Ashland, Oregon